Friday, 2 November, 2007

7 Web Analytics Sins - White Paper by ClickTracks

-Akshay Ranganath

Read this nice article on the 7 Web Analytics Sins from ClickTrack. The 7 sins are:

Sin #1: Simple Visitor Counts
Learn the factors that can potentially skew visitor data.

Sin #2: Search Term Popularity
Understand why marketers must concentrate on the quality of visitors a keyword delivers, rather than the quantity.

Sin #3: The Linear Funnel
Learn the reasons why traditional sales funnels can lead to dangerous assumptions.

Sin #4: Data Overload
Know why it’s important to be able to separate interesting information from actionable information.

Sin #5: Relying on Absolute Number
Understand the reason why it’s more important to concentrate on trends instead of absolute numbers.

Sin #6: Relying on Top 10 Lists
Learn how getting stuck in your top 10 referrers can cost you long tail opportunities.

Sin# 7: Technicolor Report
Understand the reason why the way that information is displayed can have a huge impact on ease of use and perception.

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