Friday, 22 June, 2007

About Us

What is MAGNET?

MAGNET is an initiative to gather knowledge on various new and upcoming areas of technology and general business practises in the Media and Publishing industry.

MAGNET stands for Media Action Group for New and Emerging Technologies.

What we intend to do?
The core focus of the group is to concentrate on the following four areas of the industry:
1. Web Analytics
2. Online Marketing
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Web 2.0 technologies

In each of these areas, we aim to develop expertise in not just theoritical perspective but, to reach a stage of acting as in-house consultants for other projects and industries.

What will be our activities?
Under the banner of MAGNET, we aim to accomplish two main tasks:
1. To learn and implement solutions in the area mentioned above
2. To then present a tutorial or a guide based on our learnings so that others can follow.

The blog will be our one stop solution. It will be the focal point of all our experiements and it will also server as our knowledge repository. The site will this be a dual purpose mode - a test bed and a knowledge center.

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